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Bow Wow barks back at critics on ‘New Jack’
Bow Wow barks back at critics on 'New Jack'

The Philadelphia Tribune Published: Friday, March 27, 2009 Bow Wow just can’t seem to shake his teenybopper image. Even after dropping the ubiquitous “lil’” from his name and scalping his cornrows, his fan base is still largely the “106 & Park” crowd that first saw him as a hazel-eyed kid Crip-walking in oversized jeans. On [...]

Jazmine Sullivan is ‘Fearless’ on soul debut
Jazmine Sullivan is 'Fearless' on soul debut

These stories were originally published in The Philadelphia Tribune and Tribune Magazine. They have been moved to my personal website for easier viewing. Absolutely no changes were made. What you see is what was printed in the print publication.   “Jazmine Sullivan is ‘Fearless’ on soul debut” PUBLICATION: THE PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE PUBLICATION DATE: February 26, 2009   [...]

Maxwell’s comeback show falls flat
Maxwell's comeback show falls flat

After 30 near-flawless shows, he seemed unstoppable — until Friday night. When neo soul’s superman took flight without his beautiful falsetto that straddles innocence and seduction, the night was a tease at best. For followers who have deified Maxwell since the early-90s, the lover-man guise was removed and the penitent singer felt the weight of [...]